2018 WOW Design Competition


28th March 2018

Who may enter
The WOW Design Competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, as at 28 March 2018.

World of WearableArt (WOW) is a leading wearable art design competition in New Zealand.

The Awards are divided into six sections:

1. Avant-garde Collision between art and fashion

2. Aotearoa Expressing our way of life

3. Reflective Surfaces Catch our eye, make us catch our breath

4. Under the Microscope Defying the limits of our vision

5. Open Explore without boundaries

6. Bizarre Bra Hidden no longer

Please click the link to read how to enter https://www.worldofwearableart.com/competition/how-to-enter/

Entry fees
Entry is free.

The 2018 WOW Design Competition offers over NZD170,000 in prize money. Please click the link to see more details https://www.worldofwearableart.com/competition/awards-prizes/ 

Please visit https://www.worldofwearableart.com/competition/ to learn more about the competition.