22nd Japan Media Arts Festival

Visit competition website http://festival.j-mediaarts.jp/en/


5th October 2018

Who may enter
The competition is open to artists from all over the world.

The competition is organized by the Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee.

There are 4 divisions:

Art Division – interactive art, media installations, video works, video installations, graphic art, internet art, media performances, etc.
Entertainment Division – games, video / sound works, multimedia productions, gadgets, electronic devices, websites, application software, etc.
Animation Division – animated feature films, animated short films, animated series, etc.
Manga Division – comics published in book form, comics published in a magazine, comics published online, self-published comics, etc.

Works must be completed or released between October 6, 2017 and October 5, 2018.

To see past winners, visit http://festival.j-mediaarts.jp/en/news/031601/  

Entry fees
Entry is free.

For each division, a Grand Prize, Excellence Awards, and New Face Awards will be awarded.
• Grand Prize: 1,000,000 ¥
• Excellence Award: 500,000 ¥
• New Face Award: 300,000 ¥

Please visit http://festival.j-mediaarts.jp/en/ to learn more about the competition.