Fax for peace, fax for tolerance

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28th February 2017

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.

The competition is organized by Institute of Secondary Education of Spilimbergo - Il Tagliamento, Italy.

Fax for peace, fax for tolerance is an international competition in which students and artists from all over the world can participate sending images, short videos and cartoons produced by themselves about the themes of peace, tolerance, human rights and contrast to every form of discrimination.

Entry fees
There are no entry fees.

- kindergarten and primary schools: € 300
- low secondary schools: € 300
- secondary high schools: € 300
- video or cartoon: € 300
- artists: € 300
- satirical or humorous drawing: € 300
- work on the theme “WE CAN DO IT: an image for a right”: € 300

Please visit http://www.faxforpeace.eu/ to learn more about the competition.

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