Fax for peace, fax for tolerance

Visit competition website http://www.faxforpeace.eu/bando/


28th February 2018

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.

The competition is organized by Istituto Istruzione Superiore Il Tagliamento Spilimbergo, Italy.

Fax for peace, fax for tolerance is an international competition open to students of all grades and types of schools and to professional artists from all over the world. They are required to submit one or more works developing the themes of peace, tollerance, fight against any form of racism and of defense of human rights

You may submit one or more works (images, short videos and cartoons). Read the details here.

Entry fees
Entry is free.

- Kindergarten and Primary Schools: € 300
- Low Secondary Schools: € 300
- Secondary High Schools: € 300
- Video or Cartoon: € 300
- Artists: € 300
- Special Prize: € 300

Please visit http://www.faxforpeace.eu/bando/ to learn more about the competition.