The Biennial of Poster Bolivia BICeBé® 2019

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8th March 2019

Who may enter
The competition is open to design students, graphic designers, plastic artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, of any age and nationality.


The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé® is the most important international event of design and visual arts in Bolivia and the Southern Cone. More than 15,000 student and professional designers have participated of the activities and from more than 76 countries around the world has been part of the exhibitions, making the BICeBé a true global celebration of design. The BICeBé takes place every two years in the month of November in the city of La Paz, Bolivia and generates itineraries with its design exhibitions to other cities in the country as well as other countries in the world.

There are five categories:

• Published works
Category A — Cultural posters
Category B — Social posters
Category C — Advertising or commercial posters

• Unpublished works
Category D — unpublished posters on the topic: THE ERA OF DISINFORMATION
Category E — unpublished animated GIF on the topic: WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT

Design technique is free. Format for categories A,B & C may not be less than 50 x 70 cm. In category D format must be 70 x 100 cm vertical. In category E for animated poster format must be 1000 x 1380 pixels (verical) and should last 15 seconds.

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Entry fee 
Entry is free.


Category A: US$ 4,000
Category B: US$ 2,000
Category C: US$ 2,000
Category D: US$ 5,000

The Best Bolivian Poster of all categories:  US$ 1,000
The Best Bolivian Poster in Category D: US$ 1,000

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