Nikon Small World Competition 2017

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30th April 2017

Who may enter
Anyone over the age of 18 interested in digital or film photography through the microscope is eligible.

Photomicrographs must be taken using a light microscope. The use of Nikon equipment is not required.

The subject matter is unrestricted and any type of light microscopy technique is acceptable, including phase contrast, polarized light, fluorescence, interference contrast, darkfield, confocal, deconvolution, and mixed techniques. 

Each entrant may submit up to three images for judging.

An image that has won any other photomicrography competition is not eligible to win this contest.

Entry fee
Entry is free.

• 1st Prize: $3,000
• 2nd Prize: $2,000
• 3rd Prize: $1,000
• 4th Prize: $800
• 5th Prize: $600
• 6th Prize: $400
• 7th-10th Prizes: $300 each
• 11th-20th Prize: $200 each

Please visit to learn more about the competition.

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