Urban Photographer of the Year 2018

Visit competition website https://www.cbreupoty.com/en


30th November 2017

Who may enter
The CBRE Urban Photographer competition accepts entries from amateurs and professionals alike from across the globe. The competition is open to individuals 13 years of age or older as of date of registration.

The contest is organised by CBRE.

This year’s theme is ‘Cities of Connections: People, Places, and Perspectives’.

The Contest invites the entrant to submit original photos capturing what the entrant considers to be the essence of “The Connected City,” at any time of day, be it poignant, inspiring, quirky or amusing.

Each entrant may submit one photo that represents one hour of the day, up to a total of twenty-four (24) photos (each representing a different hour of the day).

Entry fee
Entry is free.

• Overall winner: Photo Safari for Two
• Three regional winners (i) Asia Pacific (ii) the Americas and (iii) Europe, the Middle East and Africa: Photography drone
• One winner per 24 hour category (24 winners in total): Camera bag
• One mobile winner: Go Pro Package
• Youth category winner (16–18): Go Pro Package
• Youth category winner (13–15): Go Pro Package

Please visit https://www.cbreupoty.com/en to learn more about the competition.