XIII International Nature Photography Competition ASFERICO 2019


2nd December 2018

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.

The competition is organized by the Italian Wildlife Photography Associations (AFNI – Associazione Fotografi Naturalisti Italiani).

ASFERICO is an annual wildlife photography competition.

There are eight categories: [1] Landscape, [2] Underwater worlds, [3] Mammals, [4] Birds, [5] Other animals, [6] Plants and fungi, [7] Composition and forms, [8] Man and nature.

To see past winners, visit http://lnx.asferico.com/concorso/2018-risultati/ 

Entry fee
The entry fee is 25 €.
There is no entry fee for the young photographers (aged 17 and under).

The overall winner will receive:
- 3.000 €
- 10 days trekking in Malawi
- carbon gimbal type Kevlass Z

Each of the remaining 7 winners will receive a prize of 500 €.
The runner up of each category will receive a 250 €.

Two young photographers will receive 200 € gift card.

Please visit http://lnx.asferico.com/concorso/en/competition-rules/ to learn more about the competition.