Black & White Photography Awards


September 5, 2019

16th October 2019

Who may enter
The competition is open to everyone, 18 years and older, professional and amateur photographers alike.

The contest is organized by LensCulture magazine.

LensCulture is thrilled to announce the return of our Black & White Photography Awards!
We’re seeking remarkable photographic work that plays with the dynamic relationship between light, dark and all the tones in between. Texture, shape, line and form are often hailed as the heroes of black and white photography. Show us how you’re interpreting these design elements (or abandoning them altogether!) to create contemporary monochrome images and series.

For the Black & White Awards, submissions should be monochrome black-and-white images, which can include black, white and an infinite number of grays, but no other colors. 

Entry fees
• $10 USD for 1 single photos;  your first single-image entry is free until 25 September, 2019;
• $50 USD for 5 single photos reviewed as 5 separate entries.
• $60 USD for a related series of 10 photos reviewed as one entry. Submission should work together as a group, thematically or aesthetically.

• Series Award
1st Place: $5,000 USD
2nd Place: $3,000 USD
3rd Place: $1,500 USD

• Single Image Award
1st Place: $3,000 USD
2nd Place: $1,500 USD
3rd Place: $1,000 USD

Competition website
For further information visit