International Compost Awareness Week 2021 Poster Contest


Published: Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Submissions open:
1 September 2020

Submissions close:
2 November 2020

Who may enter
The contest is open to anyone aged 14 years or older.

The winning poster will be used to promote International Compost Awareness Week 2021.

The poster theme is "Grow, Eat…COMPOST…Repeat".

The ICAW 2021 theme is based on the circular movement of the organics recycling process flowing from farm to table to farm again. This circular process turns recycled organic materials into compost which creates healthy soils leading to more nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, with that waste going back to being composted and the process starts again. 

The concept and images of the poster should be based on the benefits of compost. Compost is the focus of the contest. The judges will especially look for images that demonstrate that organic materials are a key component to healthy soils and for keeping soils and the environment healthy in the future. 

Entries are limited to one submission per artist.

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Entry fee
The competition is free to enter.

The winner will receive US$500.

Competition website
For further information visit