Published: Sunday, 25 July 2021

25 October 2021

Who may enter
The competition is open to professional artisans of 18 years or older.

The competition is organized by the Loewe Foundation, a Spanish company based in Madrid.

Each participant can present either one single piece of work or one series of works, understood as a number of objects considered as a single artistic creation. This should fall within an area of the applied arts and, as a guide, within the following categories: ceramics, bookbinding, enamelwork, jewellery, lacquer, metal, furniture, leather, textiles, glass, wood, paper, etc.

Entries must be submitted through the www.loewecraftprize.com webpage.

Previous winners

Craft Prize 2021
Winner: Fanglu Lin
Name of work: 'SHE'
Category: Textiles
Materials: Cloth and wood

Craft Prize 2019
Winner: Genta Ishizuka
Name of work: 'Surface Tactility #11'
Category: Lacquer
Materials: Urushi, styrene foam balls, 2 way tricot, linen cloth

Craft Prize 2018
Winner: Jennifer Lee
Name of work: 'Pale, shadowed speckled traces, fading elipse, bronze specks, tilted shelf'
Category: Ceramics
Materials: Stoneware clay plus natural oxides mixed into the clay

Entry fee
The competition is free to enter.

The winner will receive a cash prize of € 50,000 €.

The Prize for the works awarded with a Special Mention is 5,000 €.

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.