Amateur Photographer of the Year 2022


Posted on 8 February 2022

There are 10 rounds. The opening date of Round 1 is 8 February 2022. The closing date for entries in Round 10 is 4 November 2022.

Who may enter
The competition is open to amateur photographers of all nationalities.

Short description

This annual competition is organized by the Amateur Photographer, a British photography magazine. 

The competition has 10 rounds, each with a different theme: 

1. Low Light Opens 8th February | Closes 4th March 2022
2. Black and White Opens 4th March | Closes 25th March 2022
3. Travel Opens 26th March | Closes 22nd April 2022
4. Landscapes Opens 23rd April | Closes 20th May 2022
5. Best of British Opens 21st May | Closes 17th June 2022
6. Close-ups Opens 18th June | Closes 15th July 2022
7. People Opens 16th July | Closes 12th August 2022
8. Wildlife Opens 13th August | Closes 9th September 2022
9. Street Opens 10th September | Closes 7th October 2022
10. Action Opens 8th October | Closes 4th November 2022

Each photographer can enter up to 4 images into each of the 10 rounds (3 purchased images + 1 free entry via a unique code published in Amateur Photographer magazine). Without the code, you’ll be able to enter a maximum of 3 images per round.

Entry fees
The cost is based on the number of images you want to enter. Entries are bought in advance and can then be used at any time before midnight on 4th November 2022. 
1 image – £8
3 images – £21 (£7 per image)
9 images – £36 (£4 per image)
24 images – £66 (£2.75 per image)

The winner of each round in APOY 2022 will receive a £500 voucher from MPBMPB is the world’s largest online platform to buy, sell and trade used photography and videography equipment.

The second-placed photographer in each round will win a £100 (GBP) voucher, and third will receive a £50 (GBP) voucher.

The overall winner of APOY 2022, will win a £1,000 voucher from MPB, and will be crowned Amateur Photographer of the Year 2022.

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.