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Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2023



Posted on 10 August 2023

8 October 2023

Who may enter
The contest is open to professional photographers who can confirm and prove that they have regularly published pictures and been paid for their work.

Short description
The competition is organized by MaxComm Communication based in Geneva, Switzerland.

“ The subject of the contest is boat racing in all its forms, from classic yachts to top-end racers, including multihulls, dinghies, windsurf and kitesurfing.

The pictures submitted must reflect the spirit of yacht racing. They may have been taken at any time, before, during and after regattas.

Photographers can submit only one photograph. 

The photos submitted must have been taken between October 10, 2022 and October 8, 2023.

2022 Winner

Photo by Nico Martinez

Entry fee
The competition is free to enter.

The winner will receive 1,000 €.
The winner of the Public Award will receive 500 €.
The winner of the Delegates Award will  receive € 500.

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.