The World Report Award 2020


Sunday, 22 March 2020

4 May 2020

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.

The Festival of Ethical Photography in Lodi, Italy, invites all photographers to submit their works for the World.Report Award.

The award will give attention to works focusing on people and their social or cultural stories; public or private, minor or crucial, major human tragedies or smaller daily life stories, changes and immutability.

The competition is divided into six categories:

1. Master Award (reportage, 20 to 40 images) 
2. Spot Light Award (reportage, 20 to 40 images)
3. Short Story Award (reportage, 5 to 10 images) 
4. Student Award (reportage, 20 to 40 images)

Categories 1–4: The projects submitted must be in the field of social photojournalism and documentary reportage: the stories of men and women, the events of society and the changes of humanity.

5. Mother Earth Award (reportage, 20 to 40 images)

Projects that demonstrate the environmental impact of big megacities, the depopulation of some areas, climate change, impacts of the exploitation of lands, rivers and seas. Stories that talk about new perspectives of sustainability for the future, actions undertaken to defend, giving value to and promoting the environmental heritage and biodiversity.

6. Single Shot Award (up to 5 single images)

In a single shot, we are looking for a positive message of hope and progress. We are looking for the world’s beauty, justice and solidarity, sustainability and respect for the environment, scientific research and technological progress.

Entry fees
• Master Award, Spot Light Award, Short Story Award, Mother Earth Award: €30 for one category, €45 for two categories, €60 for three categories, €75 for four categories
• Student Award: €10
• Single Shot Award: €15

Master Award: €3,000 and Fujifilm X-Pro3 mirrorless camera with XF23mm F2 lens
Spot Light Award: €2,500
Short Story Award: €1,500 
Mother Earth Award: €1,500
Student Award: Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless camera with a XF18-55mm lens
Single Shot Award: €500

Competition website
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