The 2022 Yeovil Literary Prize



31 May 2022

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16.

Short description
The competition is organized by the Yeovil Community Arts Association, England.

There are five categories:

Novel Synopsis and Opening Chapters (combined maximum 10,000 words).
Short Story → Maximum 2,000 words.
Poetry Maximum of 40 Lines.
Children’s/Young Adult Novel → 3000 words plus a 500 word Synopsis and one illustration may be included.
Writing Without Restrictions → This category is wide open. “We are looking for anything you have written that is inventive, different, or just plain fun. As long as it is legal, there are no restrictions.”

Entries must NOT have been previously self-published, broadcast, or accepted for publication. Entries may have appeared online, but NOT in any commercial online form.

Entry fees
Novel: £14,50
Short Story: £8
Poetry: £5 per poem 
Children’s/Young Adult Novel: £12.50
Writing Without Restrictions: £6

Novel: 1st £1250; 2nd £300; 3rd £125
Short Story: 1st £600; 2nd £250; 3rd £125
Poetry: 1st £600; 2nd £250; 3rd £125
Children’s/Young Adult Novel: 1st £600; 2nd £250; 3rd £125
Writing Without Restrictions: 1st £250; 2nd £125; 3rd £75

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.