The Brunel University African Poetry Prize 2020


August 20, 2019

Opening date
4th November 2019

Closing date
30th November 2019

Who may enter

The prize is open to African poets, defined as those who were born in Africa, or who are nationals of an African country, or whose parents are African. 

Only poets who have not yet had a full-length poetry book published are eligible. Poets who have self-published poetry books or had chapbooks and pamphlets published are allowed to submit for this prize.

The Prize is sponsored by Brunel University London and supported by the African Poetry Book Fund.

Each entrant must submit 10 poems to be eligible, no more and no less.

Only poems written in English are accepted. Poems translated into English are also accepted with a percentage of the prize going to the translator.

Entry fees
Entry is free.

The winner will receive £3000.

Competition website
For further information visit