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Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest 2023



Posted on 28 April 2023

30 September 2023

Who may enter
Authors from all countries are eligible to enter the competition except Syria, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Russia, and Belarus (due to US government restrictions).

Short description

The competition is organized by Winning Writers. 

You may submit poems on any theme, up to 250 lines each.

Poems must be written in English. 

You may submit the same poem simultaneously to this contest and to others, and you may submit poems that have been published or won prizes elsewhere.

Entry fee 
$22 per submission of 1-3 poems.

• Tom Howard Prize : $3,000 for a poem in any style or genre
• Margaret Reid Prize: $3,000 for a poem that rhymes or has a traditional style
• Honorable Mentions: 10 awards of $300 each (any style)

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.